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New Cholesterol Drug Warning

Today I feel obligated to warn you about new cholesterol drugs that are coming out and your doctor may push you pretty hard to take them. And you may be tempted after hearing about the amazing results these drugs deliver.

But be aware, similar drugs have caused a 200% increase in deaths – including heart attacks-in long term studies!

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Oh, and I’ll also give you few tips on how I recommend dealing with cholesterol without using drugs.

Lets begin…

First of all, I’m not a doctor or medical person. The following comments are my personal opinions based on the research I’ve done. Do not change any medications without consulting a doctor. However, if your doctor pushes the following drugs, I suggest you seek a second opinion.

In the FDA pipeline there are at least two new drugs in the category of so called CETP inhibitors. These drugs are Anacetrapib from Merck and Dalcetrapib from Roche.

Amazing test studies from these new drugs were recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine and presented at the American Heart Association conference in Chicago.

Not only did the drug lower LDL (bad cholesterol) 39.8%, it also raised HDL (good cholesterol) a whopping 138%. With results like this it’s no wonder the media was doing a parade for these new upcoming drugs.

There is only one catch. In 2007, Pfizer was forced to pull a pretty similar drug, with similar function and similar test results from development at the latest stages after spending $800 million on developing this drug.

Why? Because although this wonder drug lowered bad cholesterol and raised good cholesterol, long term human studies revealed it caused a 40% increase in deaths due to heart disease and a 200% increase in overall deaths (you read it right- two hundred percent increase).

The pharmaceutical companies developing the new drugs are not going to make the same mistake as Pfizer. Their “studies” of the new drugs include a much smaller sampling of people and are much shorter in duration. So, long term effects of the drugs will probably not be discovered till after they have been on the market for some time.

I wonder how many people are going to lose their lives due to the unethical practices of these companies.

But there may be another question that’s more burning on your mind right now. How can drugs that have such stunning results in managing cholesterol (theorized to be the main cause of heart disease) cause MORE heart disease?

The answer is simple…

Forcing cholesterol up and down using medications doesn’t work because it doesn’t deal with the underlying cause of cholesterol and heart disease. It will only deal with the symptoms and the side effects are more dangerous than the cure.

So What Do I Suggest Instead?

Simple lifestyle changes are all that is needed. Sometimes it only takes small changes. You just have to make the RIGHT changes.

There are three areas where you want to focus on to lower cholesterol:

1) Exercise. Even small exercises like going out for a 20 minute walk every day have tremendous effects on your cholesterol. Not only does it lower the LDL, it also raises the HDL. And it does it naturally like nature designed us to.

2) Manage stress and high blood pressure. Repeated studies have shown that stress has negative effects on both types of cholesterol. The easiest method I know to manage stress and lower blood pressure is Christian Goodman’s Blood Pressure Exercise Program.

3) Make the right diet changes. I recommend a diet high in vegetables, low in animal fat and make sure the majority of your food is raw or whole. Snack on delicious raw carrots instead of potato chips. Juicing is also extremely effective.

I’ve had people contact me and say they’ve tried all the lifestyle changes there are to lower their cholesterol and all that is left is Statins. Without exception, after less than five minutes of conversation with these people, I’ve found out that they’ve been mislead and there is plenty more they can do (often easier choices than they already had taken).

And without exception, when people have made the decision to follow my advice, their cholesterol numbers have improved greatly within a month. I invite you to learn more about my methods to lower cholesterol naturally here…

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by Scott Davis

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