Scientists Discover The Key Of Type 2 Diabetes

Insulin resistance has been traced back to a key protein, cites breakthrough research from scientists at the Gladstone Institute.

Investigating researchers were able to identify a key protein that is very active in the regulation of glucose in the body.

Using mice that lacked the gene for producing a protein called the p75 neurotrophin receptor (p75NTR), they were able to compare the metabolism and the uptake of glucose into the cells of normal mice to those of the mice without the receptors.

What they found was that this receptor is found in fat and muscle tissue and is responsible for many functions in each type of tissue. Glucose receptors are found in fat, muscle, liver and brain, and the p75NTR mice had better insulin sensitivity than their lacking counterparts.

Studies are still being conducted based upon this research, but it is believed that someday less invasive drug therapies may be the result of the findings.

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by Jodi Knapp

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