Doctors Over Treat Blood Pressure In Diabetes Patients – Study Finds

A mega-study following over a million patients at VA hospitals across the nation found that doctors were doing an A+ job of screening diabetic patients for blood pressure problems.

However, going overboard seems to be getting unfortunately high marks as well and sometimes creating devastating effects.

Experts don’t argue that diabetic patients are also at very high risk of developing high blood pressure, but treating a condition before it is even a condition…or after it’s no longer a problem…seems to be common practice for diabetes patients.

The study following VA patients demonstrated that at least 20% were being given blood pressure medicines that were not doing any good, causing unsafely low blood pressure, or keeping dosage too high even as blood pressure numbers fell as a result of getting diabetes and other conditions under control.

The risks of side effects of medications, especially those that are unnecessary, pose a far greater problem than under-diagnosis of high blood pressure, the study authors concluded.

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by Jodi Knapp

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