5 Ways Alkaline Water Helps You Shed Pounds

A healthy way to lose weight is maintain proper diet and exercise. But if you do that without adding water into the right mix, you’re missing out. Research shows that hydration is the third piece of the healthy weight loss puzzle.

There is scientific evidence that water really does help you lose weight. Researchers in Germany report that water consumption increases the rate at which people burn calories. Another study has shown that drinking water before each meal help promote weight loss.

Make a switch on the water you are drinking to alkaline water and everything changes. You will return to your ideal weight, regain energy and vitality, and enhance your overall health. Here are ways that alkaline water aids you in your weight loss journey:

It revs up your metabolism. Water suppresses the appetite naturally and helps the body metabolize fat.  A decrease in water intake may cause fat deposits to increase while an increase in water intake can reduce fat deposits.  The reason is that without enough water, the kidneys can’t work properly. Some of the load is dumped into the liver to compensate. One of the primary functions of the liver is to metabolize stored fat into energy. But, if the liver has to do some of the kidney functions, it can’t completely function. As a result, it metabolizes less fat, more fat remains stored in the body and weight loss stops. Drinking enough water is the best solution.

It helps you feel full. It’s a popular dieting secret. Drinking water makes you feel fuller and in turn, allows you to eat less food. Drinking two cups of water before all three meals helps dieters lose weight and keep it off.

It boosts your energy. When you don’t have enough water in your system, you feel exhausted. Alkaline water hydrates better than plain water; it can be readily absorbed in the intestines. In a research performed on professional cyclists as subjects, alkaline water is proven to help rehydrate faster after working out.

It improves muscle function. Proper hydration prevents sagging of the skin, wear and tear on the joints and muscle cramps while you exercise. Keeping hydrated should be at the top of your list if you want to sustain your endurance at its best. Water also gives muscles their natural ability to contract and maintain proper muscle tone.

Alkalinity in the body helps resist lactic acid build up in the muscles – the reason why athletes consume alkaline water before working out. The longer you can resist this build-up in the muscles, the longer you can effectively burn calories.

It improves digestive health.  When the body gets less water than recommended, it draws off what it needs from internal sources, that is, the colon. Dehydration leaves the colon dry and is the number one cause of constipation. Alkaline water is linked to a healthier digestion. It helps keep your colon cleansed and supports the beneficial bacteria that live in the digestive tract.

You should drink enough water to restore the normal bowel function. So how much water is enough?  On the average a person should drink eight glasses every day. Take note that an overweight person needs additional glass for every 25 pounds excess weight. The amount of water intake should also be increased depending on other factors, for example, if you exercise briskly or if the weather is hot and dry.

Yes, alkaline water is really good for your health. When you discover the benefits it can give you, a glass of water can even save your life.

Start your healthy weight loss program today. Drink up the best alkaline water and get ready for a slimmer, healthier you.

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