Acid Reflux Drugs Increase The Risk Of Pneumonia

A study conducted at the Wake Forest University School of Medicine on acid reflux drugs and pneumonia has come up with a startling fact- that acid reflux drugs increase the chances of contracting pneumonia in critically ill patients by a factor of three.

David L. Bowton, who is a senior researcher at the university, has stated that approximately 25% of the patients who contract hospital-acquired pneumonia or ventilator-acquired pneumonia die because of this condition. It is understood that the biggest cause of infection-related death among patients who are critically ill is hospital-acquired pneumonia.

The researchers at Wake Forest University School of Medicine also studied the two popular acid reflux drugs- Zantac TM (Ranitidine) and Prilosec TM (Pantoprazole), and how these drugs increase the chances of contracting pneumonia. The research concluded that Prilosec TM, which is a more preferred acid reflux drug than Zantac TM, puts critically ill patients at a greater risk of developing pneumonia.

834 hospitalized surgery patients who were treated with Prilosec TM were analyzed, and it was found that these patients were three times more likely to catch the pneumonia bug. For this reason, researchers believe that if an acid reflux drug is need to be given to critically ill patients, Zantac TM should be given, as it is relatively safer.

Why acid reflux drugs increase the chances of acquiring pneumonia

Acid reflux drugs are given to patients to reduce the acid in their stomachs. However, when the acid in the stomach is reduced, it becomes more receptive to bacteria. As a result, the chances of developing pneumonia increase, especially among those critically ill patients who are on breathing machines when the stomach acids regurgitate toward the lungs.

Is the danger of acid reflux drugs limited to only critically-ill patients?

No, most acid reflux drugs have certain side effects from which even normal patients can’t escape. For instance, Prilosec TM, which is the preferred drug for the treatment of acid reflux, generally causes diarrhea and headache. As a matter of fact, certain acid reflux medicines may worsen the condition if used for a long period of time.

As conventional treatments are not free from side-effects, natural health remedies should be chosen for acid reflux. Acid reflux is a health condition that generally occurs due to poor lifestyle and eating habits. By making positive changes in one’s lifestyle and eating a balanced diet, acid reflux can be dealt with effectively.

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