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Acid Reflux Guide

Discover How, Five Minutes from NOW, Your Acid Reflux Can Be Totally Gone and You’ll Feel Great Night and Day… Completely Guaranteed!

The remedy you’re about to discover is so simple my seven-year-old daughter makes it for me – in under five minutes!

It’s so extremely effective that it eliminates acid reflux IMMEDIATELY when you drink it. And it works for almost everyone I’ve given it to.

It has absolutely NO side effects because you’re not using medications, but only healthy substances found in your own kitchen.

Unlike the over-the-counter or prescription medications you’ve tried in the past – which work for only 30–60 minutes at best – this home remedy stops your heartburn for hours, even days, after being used just once.

Use this remedy before your
heartburn starts
and you’re set for the whole day.

It doesn’t matter if you suffer occasional heartburn or a bad case of GERD disease, drinking this simple remedy immediately settles your stomach and gets rid of the burning feeling in your throat.

Never again…

  • suffer that horrible sourness in your chest and throat
  • pop acid reflux pills that work for only an hour, at best
  • wake up in the middle of the night with your throat burning

Instead, learn to make this simple remedy and be free of acid reflux five minutes from now!

Sound good? At this point I’m sure you’re wondering…

“How do I know it will be
as effective for me as it was for you?”

I’m glad you asked.

My name is Scott Davis, and I was in your position not too long ago.

I suffered from painful heartburn, indigestion, and acid reflux nearly every day and night.

I was missing out on sleep, and I paid for it during the day. I was groggy and miserable all day at work, and my on-the-job performance was slipping.

I tried everything!

I went to my doctor more times than I can count. Then I went to another doctor, and then another.

Every time I went to see a doctor, I got the same answer: They told me to take an over-the-counter drug or prescription medicine.

Those drugs did help – but only for about 20–30 minutes at a time. My acid reflux was still out of control. And was steadily growing worse.

When the doctors diagnosed me with GERD, they told me it was incurable. They expected me to live the rest of my life in misery!

Can you believe that? I wasn’t having it.

Desperate, I started researching acid reflux as if my life depended on it!

I couldn’t continue living that way. I had to find a solution.

I went to several libraries and studied every book and research article I could get my hands on.

My wife was beginning to think I had a virtual date on the Internet because of the endless late-night hours I spent researching.

The first thing I had to find out was what REALLY causes acid reflux. This might differ from what you’ve learned in the past.

You see…

The Real Cause of Acid Reflux:

Acid reflux (or GERD disease) happens when, for some reason, the muscles above your stomach (sphincters) can’t prevent the acidic fluid in your stomach from flowing up into your esophagus.

Sometimes this is because those muscles have become weak. More often it’s caused by an imbalance in the stomach’s acid production.

You see, when the food you eat is not digested properly, it begins to ferment, creating pressure in your stomach.

As that pressure builds, the sphincters can’t hold the acidic fluid back so it flows up to your esophagus, and even all the way up to your throat.


Acid reflux can be caused by too much stomach acid – which is obvious. But it’s also very common for the stomach to create too little acid.

Therefore, the food is digested too slowly.

When you then eat a big meal, your stomach realizes it doesn’t have enough acid to digest the food and, in a panic, creates an overload of acid.

The big load of food then begins fermenting, which creates tremendous pressure on the sphincters meant to prevent the acid from flowing up to the esophagus.

Now here is the key…

What I discovered is that healing acid reflux requires balancing the stomach’s acid production and improving digestion.

That was a great discovery, but the only way to find a cure was through trial and error.

So I used myself as a guinea pig and tried everything I could get my hands on to balance my stomach’s acid production and improve my digestive system (and there’s some really wacky stuff available out there!).

I tried everything from complicated herbal remedies to expensive aromatherapy, along with all the popular fad diets on the market.

It Was the Worst Time in My Life!

Because sometimes the potential cure was WORSE than the disease itself.

Countless times I stayed up all night vomiting after trying something horrible that I had hoped would give me some relief.

It took me years of research and trial and error.

I spent literally thousands of dollars on all kinds of worthless cures.

But it was all worth it for those few moments when I had those “aha” moments when my stomach settled and I had no more pain.

Finally I found what the doctors told me didn’t exist…

A Natural Cure for Acid Reflux

The surprising thing I learned by going through all those complicated, expensive natural solutions is that the most effective remedies I found were both cheap (costing only a few pennies/day), and available in most households and every grocery store.

In fact, the single most effective remedy I created has only two ingredients and takes less than five minutes to make.

I suffered for over thirty years with GERD. Doctor after doctor gave me the same lame drug oriented advice.

I had given up all hope, when a good friend pointed out your website. I downloaded your guide and as promised, within five minutes my heartburn was gone and hasn’t returned.

This has been over six months now. I cannot explain how it works but I can tell you that it does.

Thank you.

John Barker
Avon, England

What’s more, it’s so simple that my seven-year-old daughter makes it for me all the time.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt that it’s very tasty
and goes down smoothly.

This simple remedy works for most people. And if it doesn’t help you, I’ve created several other simple remedies that definitely will.

Because the same thing doesn’t always work for everyone.

These remedies regulate the stomach’s acid production for a long time, and therefore keep acid reflux away for 8–24 hours.

And if you use them regularly – before you feel the first signs of heartburn – you can stay ahead of the problem and never suffer this horrible, burning pain in the first place.

At this point you might be thinking that I’m leaving out a very important point…

What about Acid Reflux Caused by Stress?

A very valid point…

In a recent survey of my readers, a majority of them reported that their acid reflux worsened tremendously when they were under a lot of stress. This is absolutely true.

When you’re stressed, your stomach produces more acid than normal. At the same time, your digestive system slows down. These two factors increase the pressure in your stomach, worsening your acid reflux.

By using my home remedies, you’ll avoid having to suffer acid reflux even if you’re under a lot of stress.

What’s more, in my guide, “Blue Heron Guide to Heal Acid Reflux,” in addition to explaining the home remedies, I also include very powerful relaxation techniques that you can use anywhere to reduce stress and settle your stomach in only a few minutes.

So you can rest assured you’ll eliminate your acid reflux no matter what your circumstances are.

There is Only One Problem with All This

And this is something even your doctor might not have told you, or even known about.

If you’re suffering acid reflux, heartburn, or GERD disease, something is going on with your digestive system that’s not right.

This could be caused by:

  • Anxiety and stress
  • Bleeding stomach
  • Tiredness and fatigue symptoms
  • Difficulties processing certain kinds of food
  • Nutritional deprivation
  • Sleeplessness and insomnia
  • Moodiness or depression

It’s hard to determine in this case which came first, the chicken or the egg. But one thing is sure; the burning sensation in your throat is only the symptom of a much bigger problem.

That’s why even though my first step was meant to medicate only the symptoms of acid reflux, I soon realized that it was very important to heal the underlying problem.

Since I managed to do this, I’ve not had to use any remedies and the pain has never returned.

What’s more, I now sleep like a baby throughout the night and have much more energy than before.

Be Honest with Me

Acid reflux is not your only concern, is it?

Don’t you find yourself sometimes stressed, tired for no good reason, too reactive, or maybe even litte bit depressed?

If you have any of the above symptoms, it very well could be a result of acid reflux, or what’s officially called GERD disease.

I experienced this myself…

…even after I had eliminated, and helped hundreds of people to eliminate, acid reflux most obvious symptom (the pain).

That’s why I realized I had to set out a three-step plan to heal my stomach and permanently get rid of acid reflux, and ALL its other underlying symptoms, for good.

The plan goes like this:

  1. Use a quick-fix, natural home remedy to get rid of the most obvious painful symptoms of acid reflux. Many people decide to stop there and live a pretty good life without ever having heartburn again. But I urge you to go a step farther.
  2. Give your stomach at least 48 hours to heal itself by avoiding food that upsets it or ruins its protection. Right now your stomach probably looks like a bleeding sore on the inside – lots of the food you eat acts like a knife, tearing it up. I’ll explain in detail what to eat and what to avoid for 48 hours in order for your stomach to heal itself completely.This isn’t complicated; it just takes a little attention.
  3. Identify the foods that trigger acid reflux. Because you already know the home remedies and have given your stomach a good 48 hours’ rest, many things that would have bothered you before will not cause any problems now. Other things – that you least expect to cause problems – should be avoided at all costs. I’ll give you detailed instructions to find out what YOUR personal trigger foods are, what to avoid, what you can eat in moderation, and what the best thing for your stomach is.

By following this simple, three-step process, you’ll not just avoid the painful chest and throat pain associated with acid reflux; you’ll also heal the problem’s underlying causes.

In only a few days, you’ll have…

  • more energy
  • better sleep
  • a more relaxed, happier attitude

Imagine in Only a Few Minutes from NOW…

…being bombarded with energy when your digestive system works functionally and soaks up all the nutrition and vitamins from the food you eat.

You won’t believe the difference!

You’ll be able to relax and enjoy the day because you won’t be constantly feeling a heavy stomach, or pain and soreness building up in your throat.

For many years, I have suffered from acid reflux disease, especially at night. I had a sour, acid taste in the back of my throat all the time and would not go away.

I started using your remedy two weeks ago and haven’t had heartburn since.

I was miserable but I can now get back to enjoying life.

Please accept my expression of gratitude,

Wanda Coulter
High River, Alberta, Canada

How will this affect your whole life? Won’t you be more…

  • positive and happy?
  • available to your friends and family?
  • focused on your work and obligations?

… because you won’t be constantly thinking about the gurgling feeling in your stomach or the sourness in your chest and throat.

You’ll be able to sleep through the night; and you won’t have to get up to pop pills, pile pillows under your head, or drink or eat something to settle your stomach.

The best part is…

You Can Have All This in Only Five Minutes From NOW!

That’s right.

You will receive the guide “Blue Heron Guide to Heal Acid Reflux” right here on this website immediately after you complete your order.

Blue Heron Guide to Healing Acid Reflux

You most likely already have everything you need for the home remedy, sitting right in your kitchen.

You can take your first sip within minutes and eliminate that horrible burning feeling immediately.

No need to drive to your doctor or buy over-the-counter medications; you have everything you need right there in your home.

If not, it’s available for just a few dollars at your local supermarket.

In my guide, you’ll get the recipe for all the home remedies that have helped hundreds of my clients to get rid of their heartburn in minutes.

You’ll then be led, step-by-step, through the process of letting your stomach heal itself for 48 hours from all the acid buildup it has been suffering for years.

Finally, you’ll learn to identify exactly what triggers your acid reflux, and what foods you should avoid. This will guarantee you that you’ll never suffer heartburn again.

And We Won’t Stop There

If stress is your problem, you’ll even learn very powerful relaxation techniques you can do anywhere.

You won’t have to use them, however, unless you want to, because the home remedies work very well even if stress is the cause of your acid reflux.

And if you’re pregnant or have a baby who suffers acid reflux, don’t worry, because I’ve focused two chapters specifically on those two issues.

After the birth of my last child, I developed acid reflux. My doctor wanted me to take Prilosec and then Nexium but I resisted.

I just didn’t want to suffer the side effects of those medications. My doctor also told me I shouldn’t breast feed while using them.

Then I found your guide, I read it and followed your advice.

In three minutes I was able to cure myself of this terrible disease.

I think that all doctors should be required to study your eBook. Perhaps then they could help us with acid reflux and GERD instead of giving out drugs like candies.

Alicia Bullard
Melbourne Australia

You can choose to use all the approaches in my guide, or only the quick fixes. No problem, because you always can return to the guide at any time and pick up on extra advantages later.

It’s up to you.

What’s more, I am so confident in my program that I’m willing to remove all traces of doubt from your mind with no questions asked…

8-Week, Risk-Free, Money-Back Guarantee!

That’s right! You can try the approaches risk-free for 56 days. Put them to the test. You have nothing to lose! If you’re not 100% satisfied with the results, then I’ll refund 100% of your money.

I was hesitated to buy your guide on acid reflux. The other I had bought did not help me at all – total waste of my time and money!

But it’s a miracle. With your help I am finally free of acid reflux! Three days of using your remedy and I haven’t had heartburn since.

I am truly a “happy camper”!

Dave Aldridge
Kansas City, MO

No questions asked!

I am so confident in my program not only because it changed my life so dramatically, but because I’ve seen it work for countless other acid reflux sufferers just like you.

These satisfied customers are living proof that my program works. Here’s what they’re saying:

I can’t believe that I had to take that medicine for so long.

For years I suffered with acid reflux. My doctor prescribed Nexium. After awhile it just stopped working.

Since I didn’t know what to do, I began surfing the net and found your book.

To be honest I was a little skeptical at first, but I followed your instructions to the letter and thank god it worked.

I already feel 100% better in just two days!!! If only I had found you sooner.

I can’t thank you enough.

Mary Fisher
Tallahassee, FL

My husband and I would both like to thank you! He is a light sleeper and I woke him up just about every night because of my GERD.

I had to run to the bathroom several times a night. Since I changed my diet and my eating habits per your guide, we’ve both been getting a lot more sleep.

Suzanne Jones
Canton, OH

I can’t believe my doctors never gave me this information!

But I guess they wouldn’t sell many pills if they cured everyone’s diseases. Thank you so
much, Scott!

Craig Collins
Atlanta, GA

For less money than two weeks supplies of subscription acid reflux medications. Or a few packages of over the counter heartburn pills. You can try my methods RISK FREE for 8 whole weeks.

So what do you have to lose?

Nothing except your acid reflux.

You’ll never doubt that you’re doing things right because if you have any questions or concerns, e-mail us and a member of the Blue Heron Health News team or I will get back to you ASAP.

So click the link below and secure your copy of the “Blue Heron Health Guide to Heal Acid Reflux” now.


To Your Healing,

Sincerely Yours,

Scott Davis

Any questions or concerns? Contact us


I’ve had acid reflux for 27 years.

Just like you, I always carried
around my antacids. I ate them like they were my dessert after every meal.

No more! Thanks to your guide, I’ve been symptom-free since day one!

Gary Westfield
La Jolla, CA

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