Another FDA-Approved Arthritis Drug Recalled

Another drug used for treating arthritis, joint pain, and other maladies has been pulled from the shelves recently, with authorities citing undeclared ingredients as the reason behind the action.

A drug produced by a pharmaceutical company called Samantha Lynn, Inc. is voluntarily pulling its arthritis tablets called Reumofan Plus from shelves.

It contains three ingredients known to cause dangerous anaphylaxis reactions and hypersensitivity that in other medications has been proven to be life-threatening.

While no actual cases of adverse events have been recorded yet, the medicine has been pulled from shelves and consumers who have purchased it are being notified of the recall.

The ingredients, of which methocarbamol included, have been shown to cause dizziness, blurred vision, blue urine, and allergic reactions.

Dextramethasone has been shown to be responsible for increased risk of infection and preterm birth. And Diclofenac, the third offending ingredient, has been shown to increase the risk of heart attack and stroke by more than 40%.

The phrase “undeclared ingredients” is used when a drug is released to market and later found through independent testing and the efforts of watchdog groups to reveal dangerous and potentially life-threatening ingredients.

This really makes you wonder how safe other drugs might be in a similar class of the market that have not be discovered by watchdog groups; or even worse, their researchers hushed by big pharma.

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by Shelly Manning

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