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Are we over-medicalized?

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Video Summary:

Over 100.000 people die every year in USA alone from the side effects and counter effects of medications prescribed by their doctors. And we’re talking about normal prescriptions like yours, nothing the traditional medical system would consider unethical.

Modern society suffers from an epidemic of preposterous preconditions — pre-diabetes, pre-cancer, pre-hypertension, pre-obesity and many more. And very few pre-conditions actually transfer into full blown diseases.

By treating those pre-diseases with medications, doctors may be doing more harm than good and causing great sufferings as well as thousands of deaths by drug-side-effects.

This is the subject of today’s video-lecture by Ivan Oransky.

Ivan Oransky is a doctor-turned reporter. With an MD and an internship completed, he left the health care system and began exposing the real truth to the public. He is now executive editor of Reuters Health, and also teaches journalism and medicine at New York University.

Note: This is not one of those long, irritating sales-videos. This is an actual lecture by Ivan Oransky. Please watch it carefully and then leave your comments below.

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