Arthritis Pain Relived Using Special “Pen”

A device the size and shape of most common writing pens is showing promise as a drug-free way to cool off inflamed arthritis-stricken joints and tissues.

A special device that inserts a probe a few millimeters under the skin using a pen-shaped piece of equipment chills the needle to less than 20 degrees Celsius and is applied to inflamed nerves.

The application instantly interferes with the pain impulses and quiets the nerve fibers, interrupting pain signals temporarily.

Instead of painful cortisone injections that involve burning liquid drugs to be injected and have a limited number of times they can be used before they are no longer effective, the “cryotherapy” is painless and can be used again and again.

It is already approved for use in the UK and clinical trials in other countries are underway. The process would be performed in a clinic or doctor’s office in a simple outpatient visit.

The promise of the new therapy is that it is able to quiet the nerve fibers without destroying any surrounding tissue or causing side effects, which is something cortisone shots can’t claim.

Putting out the fire of arthritis pain and inflammation is the idea behind the super-cooled therapy.

Cool off inflamed arthritis joints naturally, without the clinic visits… Arthritis Guide

by Shelly Manning

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