Can Natural Approaches Cure You?

If you have any of the modern day health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arthritis or anything else, you’re bombarded with advertising from drug companies in every ad spot.

What’s interesting about theses ads is that they always play on a person’s emotional triggers. They rarely ever put any proof forward how the drugs actually work or why we should consider them safe. It seems like it’s enough to say what the drug is supposed to do and then show picture of a person enjoying his or her life, happy, with grandchildren or a spouse.

Oftentimes the claims in the advertising are about things for which the drug was never intended, or even approved by FDA and other drug administrations world wide. Statins have, for example, never been approved for anything other than preventing repeated strokes or heart attacks.

When it comes to natural cures, the table turns. It seems the burden of proof is much stronger on the person teaching the natural approaches. Even if the advice is free, contains a common sense approach and is widely available, people are more skeptical.

Frequently I hear people speak of the drugs they’ve been put on by their doctors for various conditions. These are often conditions I know are relatively easy to cure naturally. So I ask people why they don’t go the natural way and avoid the side effects.

The answer most often includes pure skepticism in natural methods (and in that idealization of Western medicine) or people tell me they’ve tried a lot and nothing worked. When I dug deeper, I often find there are key elements missing, and when the person gets those, they can cure themselves.

That’s why today I am discussing exactly how natural approaches work (and it’s probably completely different from what you think) and how you can find the solution for whatever health problem you have… often for free!

When we think of natural health, one of the first things that may pop into your head is the myriad of herbal medications or supplements. This is, however, only one small part of the puzzle rather than the whole picture.

To put it simply, natural health most often uses your own body’s strengths to fight any diseases without taking drugs or other chemicals.

Any good natural approach does one, two, or all three of the following:

– Improves your own immune system
– Reduces attacks from outside
– Reduces any kind of stress

Lets look at each factor more closely:

Improve Your Immune System:

Your immune system is an extremely powerful and accurate tool. Every day, our body attacks millions and millions of foreign entities. Those can be bacteria, viruses, cancer cells and more.

Healthy physical activity, eating healthy, drinking enough water, breathing effectively and avoiding too much stress all help our bodies to maintain a strong immune system and continue supporting our white blood cells in fighting off our attackers.

This is what most people consider living a healthy life.

But there is another aspect of the immune system that has become a growing problem for the last few decades.

You see, our immune system is a very complicated tool. Every hour it has to make numerous decisions on which things should be attacked and which should not. Many bacteria that are part of our intestinal flora are still good for us and need to be allowed to live in peace in our body. Other cells, like those that turn into cancer that were originally part of our healthy system, need to be killed at all cost.

Most of the big, modern day diseases are at least partly caused by chronic inflammation, which is our immune system going out of control and attacking healthy cells in our own body.

This is the case with both arthritis and diabetes. You can learn more specifically how to deal with arthritis here and how to deal with type 2 diabetes here.

Chronic inflammation also plays a big part in plaque build-up in the arteries. You can learn more about lowering cholesterol naturally here…

But what triggers chronic inflammation has a lot to do with the second aspect of natural health:

Reduce Attacks from Outside

Traditional medicine only deals with a health problem once the damage is done. Natural approaches focus more on preventing the problem from the get-go.

Which one is better: treat a bullet wound, or never get shot in the first place? Most of us would rather choose not to get shot. And we do that by either avoiding the battle field or protecting ourselves as well as we can.

Well, every day we’re under an attack from millions of different germs and viruses. And if our immune system is strong, we can handle it. You probably know people who never get sick even if everyone around them has the flu. This is because their immune systems are strong.

But there are other, more sneaky things that attack us in the modern day. We’re constantly being exposed to different types of pollutants and chemicals. These chemicals are in the food we eat (especially highly processed food) and the air we breathe.

It’s common knowledge, for example, that smoking causes cancer. So do thousands of chemicals used for industrial and food processing. Even if the food industry knows about their deadly effects, they don’t tell us about it.

Many of the less harmful chemicals have oxidization effects on the oxygen molecules in our system. This oxidization is part of what triggers the chronic inflammation process mentioned before that causes so many diseases such as arthritis, type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

The natural health approach aims to reduce the exposure to many of those deadly chemicals we consume. Not smoking, avoiding traffic and polluted factory environments as well as many beauty products (did someone say hair salon) is a good start. Eating mostly organic food and avoiding highly processed food will take it a step further.

Since we’ll never be able to avoid all oxidization (and we can’t because it’s also part of the natural environment), it’s also important to consume a lot of antioxidant food. This includes almost all vegetables, fruits and berries.

Avoiding chemicals and then fighting what can’t be avoided with a good diet will take care of the pollution part. But there is another invader that is just as devastating as chemicals. But it’s not necessarily physical.

Which brings us to the third part of natural health…

Reduce Any Kind of Stress

Stress has become one of the worst enemies of modern man. It weakens our immune system and therefore opens us up for all kinds of other health problems. When we’re stressed we also don’t breathe effectively.

Only now scientists are learning what natural researchers have known for a long time- how oxygen deprivation, caused by shallow breathing, causes all kinds of health problems down the road. This includes diseases like fibromyalgia, migraine and dementia.

Learn how to overcome fibromyalgia naturally here Fibromyalgia Program. And discover a simple approach to eliminate migraine here Migraine & Headaches Program. Both health problems are caused by oxygen deprivation.

What we’ve only recently learned is how vulnerable we really are to stress. People who have lived all their lives in big cities still have a stress reaction to traffic noise even though they’re “used to it.” Watching action movies on TV causes a stress reaction. Getting common flu causes stress reaction. Even having to make any kind of decision causes a stress reaction.

The bottom line is that most of us are always under some type of stress, and it’s loading our body with stress hormones 24/7.

And an overload of stress hormones causes weakened immune systems. It also triggers obesity and, of course, high blood pressure.

The World Health Organization has determined high blood pressure is the number ONE cause of death in the Western world. Not only does it cause stroke and heart attack, it’s an underlying cause for several other diseases.

The best method I know of to tackle high blood pressure is a collection of simple exercises created by one of our senior writers and researchers, Christian Goodman.

I’ve personally witnessed it numerous times: people measure their blood pressure, which can be far above risk level, and then they do Christian’s exercises only once for a few minutes. Immediately, their blood pressure had dropped below 120/80. Of course, if you don’t continue to do the exercises daily, your blood pressure will rise again.

You can learn more about Christian Goodman’s high blood pressure exercises here… Blood Pressure Program

You can also learn about other Blue Heron Health News natural approaches on the right hand side of this page.

Improving your own immune system, reducing attacks from outside and reducing any kind of stress are, in my opinion, the three most important pillars of natural health. However, I’m sure I’ve left something out. So please, before doing anything else, leave your comment below.

by Shelly Manning

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