Common Virus May Contribute To Type 2 Diabetes

Seniors are already at a higher risk of developing a number of diseases they avoided in their younger years.

But the presence of one incurable but common virus showed an increased risk of development of type two diabetes over their age mates who didn’t have it.

A study recently published out of the Netherlands followed senior citizens trying to determine if the presence of cytomegalovirus, a herpes virus, increased the risk for developing type two diabetes.

While the study couldn’t prove a cause/effect relationship, it did show a tendency for elderly people who have the virus to be more likely to develop type two diabetes.

The study didn’t include other age populations and was limited to participants aged 45 to 84.

The theory- and focus for future study- is that the virus, which causes tissue damage in different systems of the body, also affects the pancreas.

Insulin, a chemical in the blood critical to metabolizing blood sugar, is made by beta cells in the pancreas. It is believed that the virus interferes with the insulin production process, thereby increasing the risk of developing diabetes.

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by Jodi Knapp

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