How Would Mozart Have Cured Human Diseases?

There is a fundamental flaw in how most people approach health problems. This approach is worst among doctors and traditional medical people but many of us naturally focused health researchers are just as guilty of this from time to time.

To understand how to do things differently, we need to tap into the mindset of top artists. It doesn’t matter if it’s a classical composer like Mozart or modern a rapper like Eminem; their approach to composition is one that anyone interested in good health should pay close attention to.

You see, medical people tend to diagnose and treat diseases as isolated things. If you have type 2 diabetes, that’s the disease that needs to be treated in a sudden way. If you have arthritis, it’s diagnosed and treated in a different way.

And what they want to treat are the symptoms of the disease. If you have type 2 diabetes, they’ll want to lower blood pressure and maybe increase insulin sensitivity. If you have arthritis, they’ll want to decrease inflammation.

Makes sense, right? In a way, but not really…

You see, there are two fundamental flaws with this…

1) All diseases have underlying causes that are usually not very visual when you look at the symptoms. Type 2 Diabetes, for example, has inflammation as one of the underlying causes. Digging deeper we’ll find other, more detailed underlying causes. Just addressing the symptoms does nothing to permanently cure the disease.

2) There is a health harmony or lack of harmony in the body that either opens us up for diseases or blocks diseases.

A fit person with low levels of stress who lives a balanced, healthy lifestyle is less likely to develop most chronic diseases. They can get sick but it’s less likely and it’s more likely they get over their sickness quicker.

When creating music, the artist knows that he/she can’t change one note without it affecting the whole song, even the whole album. It may create more harmony or disharmony. It may completely change the mood it created in the listener. In the same way, a painter knows that one paint-stroke can completely change the message the picture delivers.

And these are animated objects. Yet, a doctor tends to treat kidney disease seemingly without considering the side effects the drugs will create on other organs.

Many of us have also spent a ton on the new magic supplement. Vitamin C boosts the immune system, Vitamin B improves mood, Vitamin D tackles inflammation, Q10 improves cell health. Yet, when digging deeper into studies revealing these supplements, we find that most often they work much better when ingested and integrated into a healthy diet. Pills just don’t do the same trick, whether it’s organic supplements or subscribed medications.

So why do these 00 supplements not outperform a good diet? For the same reason we look in awe on the painting of the Mona Lisa while considering the dry paint cans including the same ingredients trash.

It’s the complicated combination and interaction of different types of ingredients in the food we eat that creates the beneficial effects we’re after. It’s nature’s magical music playing in our digestive system that can’t be duplicated with modern medicine.

This is the reason the natural health guides here at are so successful. It doesn’t matter if it’s the Type 2 Diabetes Guide by Jodi Knapp, Arthritis Guide by Shelly Manning (that’s me), or the Cholesterol Guide by Scott Davis – all these guides are extremely simple to follow and we present overall lifestyle changes that work instead of promoting a magic pill.

It’s no surprise that when people apply the approaches in one of those guides, they drastically improve their overall health and often heal diseases they considered completely unrelated to the original health hazard.

Christian Goodman’s blood pressure program takes this a step forward. In his program, Christian creates harmony in the body by giving your body what he calls a “Focused Break.” This works in some ways as rebooting a computer that is running too slow. You can learn more about Christian’s blood pressure program here…

The bottom line is, no matter what health problem you’re addressing, you should not just be looking for a magic bullet in the form of a pill or single ingredient. You should also apply the creative mind of the artist who looks at his art (your body) as united systems that need to be addressed in harmony.

But before doing anything else, please leave your comments below…

by Shelly Manning

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