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Insomnia Program

Train Your Brain to Sleep and Take Back Your Life!

Discover The Ground-Breaking, Unconventional Way To “Train Your Brain” To Fall Asleep – Automatically – And Eliminate Your Sleeplessness Once and For All …100% Guaranteed!

Unique, New Method Puts YOU Back In Control of YOUR Own Sleep! Works For 9 out of 10 Insomnia Suffers More Effectively Than Sleeping Pills – Without Any Side Effects, Lifestyle Changes or Relaxation/Hypnosis CDs!

Keep Reading to uncover the easiest and most effective sleep program available today…

  1. Fall fast asleep anytime and anywhere YOU want to – instantly and automatically…
  2. Fall fast asleep by training your brain to relax – so you stay asleep all night (NO practice required)…
  3. Fall fast asleep easily – in less than 25 minutes – without any pills or medications that make you drowsy…
  4. Fall fast asleep effortlessly just by listening and following along to my, simple ground-breaking audio…

Dear Friend,

If you suffer from sleeplessness 2 or more times a week, then insomnia has found its way into your life and it is slowing stealing your happiness.

Believe me, I know…

That first night you can’t get to sleep isn’t so bad… but after a few weeks and a few more sleepless nights it really starts to affect your life.

Your lack of sleep begins to snow-ball – becoming worse and worse with every passing day – until you feel like a zombie walking through your life.

Of course, everywhere you turn you are left with little relief…

  • Drugs help you sleep, but they keep you in that “zombie” state…
  • Hypnosis always seems to be a waste of time…
  • Diet and lifestyle changes are a good idea – but useless to help your insomnia…
  • Natural herbs and treatments don’t ever seem strong enough…

And you are left to struggle with insomnia all alone. You are left feeling powerless over your own body.

But not anymore…

Now there is an unusual – and unlikely – way for you to get back on a normal sleep pattern and get back to your life!

How YOU Can “Train Your Brain” to Sleep

Hello, my name is Christian Goodman and I suffered from insomnia for years.

Sometimes I would lie awake worrying about money or work or family. Sometimes I wouldn’t be able to sleep because I couldn’t stop thinking about an idea or a project.

But the worst was falling asleep – at 10pm – only to wake up 30 minutes later and stay awake all night.

Insomnia kept me tired and drowsy all day…. and wired and tense all night.

Insomnia was slowly sucking all the joy out of my life.

I am a natural health researcher and hate all the negative effects of pharmaceutical drugs… so I tried to get a good night’s sleep with an all-natural approach.

But herbs and Melatonin didn’t do anything for me, and neither did changing my diet or lifestyle.

I drank all the night-time teas, I tried self-hypnosis, relation tapes and breathing exercises…

… but I never found the normal, peaceful night’s sleep I was looking for.

I spent my days feeling groggy and
I spent my nights climbing the walls…

And if you are suffering from insomnia too, then you know that is a terrible way to live.

I have spent my entire career working in the natural health industry and I have worked with people who suffered from high blood pressure, snoring, vertigo …

…the list goes on and on…

I have helped thousands of people overcome their health issues and lead healthy, happy lives – all through natural medicine.

But when it came to insomnia, I was simply lost.

I spent years researching, studying and trying every possible treatment or formula I could find… and nothing helped. Then I made a discovery… and I finally found the key to the insomnia puzzle!

And the best part is that you don’t need any drugs, herbs, hypnosis or lifestyle changes to get the sleep you deserve.

All you need to do is “Train Your Brain” to
flip that mental “off” switch in your mind.

  • It is easy and effortless to follow…
  • It requires no practice…
  • It works the very first time – and continues to work every single night after that…
  • It puts your body to sleep automatically – in less than 25 minutes – at anytime of the day or night….

All you have to do is listen, follow the simple steps and fall into a deepest, most peaceful sleep of your life.

And the best part is that you don’t have to worry
about waking up until the morning!

I am going to tell you exactly how you can “Train Your Brain” – and exactly HOW it works – in just a second….

But first I want to tell you how I finally ended my insomnia and helped every last one of my insomnia patients get back on a normal, healthy sleep cycle.

How This Revolutionary,
New Program Works To
Eliminate Insomnia From YOUR Life!

I have discovered how to “Train Your Brain” to switch from normal, fast-paced brain waves to slow, delta and theta waves your brain reaches when we’re sleeping.

And when you make that change in your brain waves, you put yourself to sleep automatically.

It was actually a fluke that I made this discovery – and it was a HUGE challenge to create a system that could easily work for you.

It really all started with a camping trip…

You see, several times a year I take a few days off and go camping. I love how it relaxes me and allows me to charge my batteries for the months ahead.

On camping trips, I sleep. I have no problems sleeping.

In fact, I can take a nap – for several hours – in the afternoon and then still go to bed on time at night!

My first thought is that it was the sound of the river – and nature – that was relaxing me and putting me to sleep….

…but I had tried all those relaxation and meditation tapes without any real result.

I even tried recording the sounds myself – but it didn’t have the same effect!

Finally one day I found the key!

I noticed how differently my mind, my eyes and my body acted as I was falling asleep.

At home my mind would race and my body would tense… but in nature I just relaxed and easily feel into some of the best sleep of my life.

I started to take note of how my eyes acted, how my thoughts were structured and how my overall body functioned.

I tracked every thought pattern, every change in my body and mind.

I would take these notes back home and began to structure these changes in a repeatable pattern.

It took several camping trips,
and several months of work…

But I slowly began to create a system that imitated the thought patterns, eye movements and other steps your body and mind takes to reach those slow-moving “sleep” brain waves.

In addition to that, I also took the nature sounds and listened to them as I followed my “train the brain” system.

Little by little the program began to work for me.

Every time I visited the woods, I picked up more and more missing pieces. And every time I came back home, I improved the program more and more.

I finally had the system I needed to get back on a normal sleep schedule – and it was completely changing my life!

I Did The Work So
YOU Could Fall Asleep With Ease!

I spent months upon months tracking these patterns and developing this program… so you could easily and effortlessly fall asleep without any work at all!

With this ground-breaking sleep system all you have to do is lie back, listen and fall to sleep within 25 minutes.

You aren’t tricking your body into sleep – like sleeping pills do – you are just naturally switching your brain from awake to sleep.

And once you make that switch in your brain, you will fall asleep easily and get a full night’s rest… anytime or anywhere you put this amazing system to work for you.

9 out of 10 Insomnia Sufferers
Get Back Their Natural Sleeping Habits
When They “Train Their Brain”

Being the creator of many natural health information products, I have hundreds of people contact me every week with all kind of health concerns.

The single biggest complaint I get is people are not able to sleep well.

So after I had created this amazing sleep therapy audio, I sent it out to a few people (around 43 copies total) to test if it would work as well for other people as it did for me.

These were clients I had helped with other conditions like high cholesterol or acid reflux…. but were still suffering from insomnia.

The Responses
Were Amazing!

The very next day over half the people emailed me a thank you note.

Within a week I had confirmed that EVERYSINGLEPERSON using the audio had improved their sleep.

Most of them said they were out of it before hearing my last words.

Through more testing I found that 9 out of 10 insomnia sufferers found complete and total relief from their sleepless nights.

With that, I decided that it was time to bring this unique and ground-breaking system to you – and allow you to finally take back your life and get the normal, healthy sleep schedule you deserve!

How You Can
“Train Your Brain” and
Start Getting The Solid Sleep You Deserve…

I call my program the Insomnia Exercise Program because it works to “Train Your Brain” to fall asleep without:

  1. Drugs
  2. Sleeping Pills
  3. Herbs, Supplements or Teas
  4. Hypnosis
  5. Changing Your Lifestyle or Diet

With the Insomnia Exercise Program you can finally stop counting sheep, finally throw-out those pills and finally start getting the sleep your body craves.

Of course, if you have been suffering from insomnia, then you already know that half the sleep aids on the market simply don’t work and the other half are down-right dangerous.

The Dangers of Sleeping Pills…

Back before I developed the Insomnia Exercise Program, I struggled to make it through each and every day – and I was a zombie just walking through my own life.

I tried everything I could think of to get sleep – but nothing ever worked for me!

Finally, a friend gave me a prescription sleeping pill. I was traveling, I had a big presentation the next day and I was desperate. I took the pill and was fast sleep in minutes.

I woke up the next morning feeling a little groggy, but refreshed. I gave my presentation perfectly and I was even starting the think about getting my own prescription of sleeping pills.

Then around 3pm somebody made a very innocent joke and I launched into a full-blown rage attack.

That poor guy must have been scared for his life – or thought I was completely insane – because I cussed and screamed at him for absolutely no reason.

I have never acted that badly my entire adult life… it was so bad I even scared myself!

Why did this happen?

Well, drugs like sleeping pills suppress all emotions and thoughts while they’re working. Then, when they wear off (around 3pm in my case) everything that they suppress comes up the surface stronger than ever.

But Regular Sleeping Pill Users
Don’t Always Have Rage Fits…

People who use sleeping pills on a regular basis don’t usually experience these rage fits because they always have that drug running through their body – and they always stay in a “mini-coma” stage.

Unless they try to quit (or even forget to take them for a day or two)…

…then those strong side-effects race to the surface.

But a lot of people end-up getting hooked on sleeping pills without even realizing just how serious the side effects really are.

But Now There Is A Powerful,
New Way To Fall Asleep
Without Pills and
Without Any Side-Effects!

The Insomnia Exercise Program is a truly unique and unconventional way for you to over-come your struggle with insomnia and finally get the regular, NIGHTLY sleep your body needs!

The program is truly effortless and easy. All you have to do is lie down, follow the steps and fall fast asleep.

  • No more sleepless nights!
  • No more tossing and turning!
  • No more groggy days!
  • No more “zombie” feeling!

It’s time for you to put this simple, 2-part system to work for you!

It’s time for you to take back your sleep and take back your life!

The Insomnia Exercise Program
isn’t really an exercise program like you might think…

The Insomnia Exercise Program is a simple audio program that works to “Train Your Brain” to switch from normal, fast-paced brain waves to slow, delta and theta waves and put you to sleep – mind and body – naturally.

This is a 2-part program….

Part 1 is a 25 minute audio where I lead you step by step to reach those slow theta and delta stages that knock you out in a deepest sleep of your life. This is done through a combination of mind, eye and relaxation exercises.

Part 2 is a 50 minute audio of sound therapy where you hear the relaxing sound that draws you into the wonderful land of dreaming.

After you’ve listened to the audio a few times, you’ll most likely be sound asleep long before it even comes to this part…

…but it is important because it will draw you into deeper and deeper sleep so you don’t wake up after a few minutes and not be able to doze off again.

All you have to do is listen to the audio in your bed – and get ready to fall asleep!

Are You Going To Continue
To Live With Insomnia?

Or Are You Ready To Take Back Your Life And Stop Living Like A Zombie?

You need to understand that sleeplessness is not just aggravating…

…it’s also dangerous.

You already know how pro-longed sleep deprivation can continue to get worse and worse the longer it goes.

But insomnia is not just about being tired…

Insomnia puts you – and even the others around you – in danger.

Insomnia causes tremendous stress on the body and I believe it is one of the main causes of health problems such as heart attacks and stroke.

When you don’t get the sleep you need, you weaken your immune system and open yourself up to a list of illnesses – from the flu or a cold… to caner!

But you don’t have to continue to suffer from sleepless nights.

You don’t have to keep feeling tired and groggy all day – then anxious and tense all night.

You finally have a solution…
you finally have the Insomnia Exercise Program

With the Insomnia Exercise Program you are going to take back your life by taking away all the power that insomnia had over you.

There are no prescriptions, no medications and no crazy medical equipment to buy.

You can start this program anytime – anywhere.

All you have to do is listen to the audios and effortlessly get the sleep your body needs.

Stop Wasting Your Money
On Dangerous Sleep Aids and
Start “Training Your Brain” Today!

How much money have you spent on sleeping pills? Relaxation tapes? Herbs and natural treatments?

How long have you suffered from insomnia?

How difficult does all of this make your everyday life?

Aren’t you ready to stop wasting your time, your money and your life on insomnia?

I think you know the answer to that question… but what you really want to know is how much I am going to charge for the Insomnia Exercise Program.

Of course, right now you are probably thinking I’m going to charge 00, $200 OR MAYBE EVEN $500 for this simple, effortless solution to your sleepless nights.

But you would be wrong.

I’m not going to change you anywhere close to that price.

In fact, you are only going to pay $49 for the complete Insomnia Exercise Program – with everything you need to fall asleep – easily – in less than 25 minutes.

For less than the price of dinner you are going to get the revolutionary, new system that will put you asleep – anywhere and at any time – without any side effects.

Still skeptical?

Well, I am also offering you a guarantee that will eliminate all your doubt and take away all your worry….

I Guarantee
The Insomnia Exercise Program
and Your Happiness!

I have seen the results of The Insomnia Exercise Program for myself – it completely changed my entire life!

I have had clients who suffered from insomnia for years – only to find the effortless relief they needed from The Insomnia Exercise Program.

And that is exactly why I am so willing to guarantee this program – and your happiness.

I know that The Insomnia Exercise Program is going to give you everything you need to get on a normal, healthy sleep schedule – the very first night!

But if you just aren’t happy with the results – or the program – all you have to do is let me know and I will refund your money instantly!

And you have a FULL 8 weeks to try it before you make up your mind.

All you have to say is, “refund please” and I will return your purchase price within 24 hours.

No Questions Asked!

I can’t make this kind of offer if I didn’t know, without any question, that the Insomnia Exercise Program will put you to sleep – the very first night – and help you sleep regularly of the rest of your life.

So, Are You Ready To Get Started?

Right now you only have two options:

1) You can leave here, right now, and continue to suffer. You can continue to let your insomnia ruin your life and steal your happiness. And you can continue to spend the rest of your life trying drugs and night-time teas without any real results…


2) You can decide to try the latest discovery, skip all the drugs and herbs and simply “Train Your Brain” to fall asleep – automatically – from the very first day!

The choice is pretty clear.

It’s time for you to get the REAL,
honest help you need.

It’s time for you to take-back your body and take control over those sleepless nights.

It’s time for you to order the Insomnia Exercise Program and “Train Your Brain” to switch from normal, fast-paced brain waves to slow, delta and theta waves.

It’s time for you to discover just how easy and effortlessly you can fall asleep – night after night!

After you complete your order, you’ll immediately be redirected to a member’s area where you can download the program in mp3 format.

In the member’s area, you’ll also be able to order the physical CD with the program for only $2 extra if you want it shipped to you.

Don’t wait another second suffering… order right now and receive the Insomnia Exercise Program today.

You really have nothing to lose but your insomnia!

Click Here to Order Now

P.S. This is YOUR life…. but your insomnia is sucking all the joy out of it.

You finally have a solution – a unique, powerful, effective solution that goes to work instantly to put you to sleep and give your body the rest it desperately needs.

Aren’t you tired of living with insomnia? Aren’t you fed-up with the sleepless nights?
Aren’t you ready to eliminate the problem – and end the tossing and turning FOREVER?
Today you can do just that…

Order the Insomnia Exercise Program and take back your life right now!

P.P.S. You are completely covered by my FULL 8 Week guarantee, so you have NOTHING to lose!

Order today and give this powerful, revolutionary treatment a try. I promise you won’t be sorry… you will be finally free from Insomnia and those sleepless nights forever!
Quit procrastinating!

Click Here to Order Now

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