New Discovery On Cause Of Most Diseases

Over a century ago, our approach to health took a sharp turn in the wrong direction. Instead of turning around, the traditional medical system has since kept on going.

Recently, however, scientists have discovered something that natural health researchers have known for a long time. This may completely change how diseases are treated.

No longer will we think of diseases something we have to cure. It’s not going to be bacteria and cancer cells we have to kill. Or even plaque and cholesterol we have to remove.

But you don’t have to wait till the traditional medical system has researched (and probably ruined) this age-old wisdom. Because in today’s feature article I’m going to explain these findings and how you can use them to live a healthy, disease free life.

This may sound like science fiction. Did you know there are around 10,000 types of tiny, foreign microbial cells wandering in and around your body?

There are actually ten times more foreign microbe cells in and on your body than your own cells. But because they’re really small they only count for around 2% of your body mass.

You may be familiar with some type of microbe under the “bad-reputation” names bacteria, fungi and viruses. The fact is, however, that although these microbes are foreign entities and have a different DNA structure, most of them are very healthy for us. Some we could not live without.

The science community is just now opening their eyes to just how important various types of microbes are for our health. Not only do they help digest the food we eat in the gut, they’re also vital parts of our immune system.

A recent project called “The Human Microbial Project” was a joined venture between 80 universities and institutions all around the world. They gathered information from hundreds of studies on various types of microbes living and growing all over the human body. This included the gut, skin, genitals and most other parts of the body.

One interesting thing the scientists found was that most people have some types of harmful bacteria in their body. Up to 30% of humans carry, for example, the Staphylococcus aureus (the flesh eating) bacteria that doesn’t seem to have any impact on their health but can transfer to others.

And this is what’s baffling the scientists. Traditionally, a harmful bacterium is considered harmful for everyone who carries it. Either your immune system completely wipes it out or it will eventually take over. But this is obviously not the case for billions of people carrying Staphylococcus aureus and other harmful bacteria.

For those individuals, other types of microbes keep the harmful bacteria in check. So as long as we have plenty of the health-generating bacteria, there is nothing to worry about. This is a brand new look at the immune system (at least for the traditional medical system). These immune-boosting microbes can be found both on our skin and inside the body.

Of course, we’ve known for a long time that microbes have an extremely big role in the digestive system. However, the study mentioned earlier took this knowledge to a whole new level. Previously, only around 1000 types of microbes were known. With 9,000 more microbes discovered, we now know that the human body plus the microbes living in it contain over 8 million genes.

The additional genes from the microbes makes it possible to digest and process various types of food that human genes alone could not process. They also generate inflammation-fighting chemicals and produce numerous types of Vitamin B.

The researchers also discovered that higher-than-normal amounts of some microbes could trigger inflammatory diseases such as arthritis and type 2 diabetes. Even “good” microbes that slip into the wrong parts of the body can be diagnosed as invaders by our immune system and trigger an inflammation response. Before we know it, the body is attacking itself.

So what exactly is it that we can learn from all this?

I hope this article will completely change how you consider your body. Your body is not just YOU and YOUR DNA. Your body is a floral landscape of thousands of different individual microbes with thousands of different DNA structures. It’s more like a community that needs to be nurtured and taken care of so everything flows in harmony.

…much like mother earth!

When germs were discovered and later with the discovery of antibacterial drugs (that unarguably have saved millions of lives), doctors began looking at diseases that needed to be fought. There were germs that needed to be killed. And antibiotics were the drugs that killed germs.

But now we know there are thousands types of microbes that are living in and on us in harmony with the body. And when disease-germs are killed using antibiotics, many of those favorable germs die too.

So antibacterial drugs as well as soap should be used very sparingly. Because once you’ve killed the germs and also killed the favorable microbes that help us with digestion and help our immune system, there is no harmony in the microbial flora.

It’s like dropping a bomb on a neighborhood where criminal gang lives to get rid of them. It’s not just the criminals that are killed, innocent people die equally. And once you get rid of this one gang, most likely the neighboring gangs will move in on their old territory.

We know now that our bodies are loaded with all kinds of disease-causing bacteria and it doesn’t hurt us at all. That is as long as we have enough of positive law-enforcement-microbes that keep the bad guys at bay.

So instead of thinking we need to attack and kill all the germs we get in touch or infected with using antibiotic drugs, antibacterial soap, chlorinated bathing and drinking water, and eating meat that has been treated with antibiotics, etc., we should pay good attention to consuming enough of the kinds of food that nurture favorable microbes, keeping the flora in harmony.

So where do we get these positive microbes from?

The traditional medical system is already trying to tackle this discovery from the natural section. They’re now creating supplemental probiotics that include some of the microbes we need. More and more microbes are constantly being discovered so this maybe a long, long process. There is also always a danger when taking things in a pill form that the right thing goes to the wrong places and in the wrong quantity.

I like to avoid pills of all kinds and get my flora in balance more naturally. And it’s quite simple, actually.

Of course, the quickest boost for positive microbes is to consume fermented food. The most common types of fermented foods for this purpose are things like yogurt, sauerkraut, pickles, vinegar, cheese, miso and sourdough bread.

There are also other types of foods and drinks most people don’t associate with fermentation and are more controversial, but many studies have found them extremely beneficial for health. Things like coffee, tea, chocolate, wine and beer.

And then there are unprocessed, especially raw foods that include a ton of microbes. The human body is in no way unique. All vegetables and animals meant for meat processing are loaded with positive microbes. However, it is important to choose organic since any kind of chemicals and pesticides will kill both positive and negative microbes.

Rest assure that most of the heavily processed, packaged food in the supermarket has been completely robbed of any microbes – that’s why it doesn’t go bad. Most of it is also loaded with all kinds of chemicals that will kill the positive microbes in your gut. Since your body, from nature, expects the food it consumes to include microbes to help process the food, the processed food puts a great strain on your system causing all kinds of diseases.

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