One Characteristic Needed To Cure Everything

When thinking of natural cures and ways to tackle health problems we most often talk about lifestyle changes, diets, exercises, herbal medications or other techniques.

People’s awareness of the importance of using natural approaches rather than suffering the side effects of medication has improved drastically in the last decade and the natural health industry has skyrocketed. We now have organic and health food stores in even the smallest towns around the world.

After almost twenty years of helping people cure themselves of various health problems as well as improving their lives in other areas, however, I’ve learned that all these natural products you can buy (including my own) are useless without applying one character trait.

With it, on the other hand, I’ve witnessed miracles happen. People have used this character trait against seemingly impossible challenges such as eliminating “incurable diseases.”

And best of all, we all have this character trait and don’t have to buy anything to apply it.

What is this character trait?


How many of us have been guilty of going on a diet and then giving up long before we intended to, or learned about new natural method, tried it once or twice and then forgot about it?

Most methods take time to work. Even traditional medications usually have some adjustment time. Blood pressure and cholesterol levels don’t drop to normal the day you take the first pill. You actually feel the side effects long before you reap the “benefits” (if any).

Most natural methods also take time to work. And you may even experience something close to side effects in the beginning. Oftentimes in the first few days or weeks of applying lifestyle changes, especially in drastic ways, you may experience flu-like symptoms, moodiness or just feel like a dead dog.

This is because in your body’s change-over to a more healthy function, you are experiencing a touch of withdrawal. The immune system is also waking up and clearing out all kinds of unwanted stuff. This takes a toll on your energy and you may not have the power you felt you had before. However, after the shift is done, you’ll feel better than ever.

This is a little bit like the sore muscles you feel after working out for the first few times. But you know once you’re in better shape, your muscles will work better than before and you won’t feel sore anymore.

Without persistence, however, you’ll give up as soon as you feel the “side effects” kick in. You’ll think something is wrong instead of realizing that it’s part of the process of making it to the healthy side of life.

Let me give you an example…

My 3-step plan to cure type-2-diabetes has worked wonders for thousands of people. I’ve received hundreds and hundreds of emails from people all over the world that are now completely cured of diabetes.

For those whom the program “doesn’t work,” it’s usually because they give up in step one or two. This is the period where the body is shifting and you may actually not feel like you’re experiencing much benefit. But then all of a sudden after maybe 15-20 days, your blood sugar level begins to balance and you begin to feel better than you’ve felt in decades.

You must apply persistence to get through the tougher parts in the beginning. You can learn more about my 3-step plan to defeat diabetes here… Type 2 Diabetes Guide

Shelly Manning has told me many people experience the same challenge curing themselves of arthritis using her 21-day plan to beat arthritis.

It may actually even be harder when things go well in the beginning.

Anyone who has ever gone on a diet knows that you lose most weight in the first few days. It’s oftentimes only water your body is dumping, but also some fat (ie your body is comfortable getting rid of some level of fat as well as adding on some level). Then comes the period where it seems that no matter what you do, you can’t lose more fat. That’s where people give up instead of going through the wall with persistence.

Then there are times when you seem to be cured overnight. That’s another challenge of persistence.

Christian Goodman has created an amazing High Blood Pressure Program. In as little as nine minutes per day, most people manage to get their blood pressure down to a healthy level within a week. Oftentimes clients have reported an immediate drop in blood pressure the very first time they use these simple exercises.

Now here is the mind trap. Because the exercises work so quickly, people often think they’re cured and stop doing them prematurely. The end goal is, of course, to not have to do them anymore but unless you stick to these exercises for a while, very likely the blood pressure will rise again. It doesn’t take much persistence to commit to 9 minutes per day but it’s very often a challenge. You can learn more about Christian’s blood pressure exercises here… Blood Pressure Program

Christian’s snoring exercises work in similar way to cure snoring. Again they only take maybe 3 minutes per day and you can do them anywhere. And again people’s snoring stops literally overnight. But unless you stick to them for at least a month, the snoring will most likely return.

But Christian has also told me about people whom the snoring program didn’t seem to work for in the beginning. But their persistence was so strong that they stuck to the 3-minute exercises for over a month without apparent results. Then all of a sudden, it was like something kicked in and the Stop Snoring exercises began to work. And in a few days or weeks they were permanently cured. In those cases it really took persistence.

So the message I hope you take from today’s article is that no matter what challenges lie ahead, they’re possible to overcome if you apply persistence. Pick a method you want to use and then stick to it no matter what. It will work!

But first, please let us know what you think. Share your insight on the effects of persistence below.

by Jodi Knapp

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