Research Shows Acid Reflux Treatment With PPI Drugs Has Side Effects

Those who suffer from acid reflux know that this health condition typically reoccurs time and again if the root problem is not addressed. Acid reflux is a health condition in which the gastric acid produced by our body regurgitates upwards.

The most common symptoms of this health condition include: heartburn, pain in the chest or neck, and vomiting.

Allopathic treatment for Acid Reflux

The stages of acid reflux can be broadly divided into two categories: mild and severe.

While mild acid reflux is treated with antacids, in severe cases, the patients are given PPI (Proton Pump Inhibitors) drugs. PPI drugs make sure the body produces a lesser quantity of gastric acids. When less stomach acid is produced, the chances of stomach acid regurgitating towards the esophagus also reduces.

PPI drugs are used extensively to treat acid reflux. However, the latest studies show that these drugs are not free of side effects.

Side effects associated with PPI drugs

The two most common side effects associated with PPI drugs are:

  • Continuous use of PPI may adversely affect the body’s capability to absorb calcium. This in turn can lead to weaker bones and put the acid reflux patients at an increased risk to hip fractures and broken bones.
  • Reduces the body’s capability to absorb iron and vitamin B12, putting the patients at an increased risk to diarrhea and pneumonia.

The conventional treatments for acid reflux have some side effects associated with them and also deny patients the knowledge that this condition can be prevented, as well as controlled, by making smart lifestyle choices and adopting a healthy diet.

A holistic approach is productive for acid reflux patients

To treat acid reflux, adopt a balanced diet, and more importantly- adhere to it. Also, follow a healthy lifestyle and spend some time exercising or doing some other physical activity.

A balanced diet and regular physical activity go a long way in effectively tackling the condition of acid reflux, minus the side effects.

Refer to our Acid Reflux Guide to learn more on how to treat acid reflux naturally.

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