The One Supplement That Cures Everything – Maybe!

Being a fan of natural health, you’ve probably heard the terms Antioxidant and Oxidization. Some natural health “experts” have been swearing by this concept to cure pretty much anything from arthritis to cancer and heart attack.

As always, when a new “magic cure” is discovered, hundreds of ethical and unethical companies have jumped on the bandwagon promoting various Antioxidant supplements.

But is this the magical solution it’s made out to be? That’s the issue of today’s feature article. And just to not drag things out, the answer is; “yes, kind of … but not in the way you’d think.”

A controversial issue like this is no doubt going to raise some fun discussions. So please read on and make your comment below.

In this article, I’m not going to go into details of “free radicals” and “Oxidation.” We wrote a detailed article on this issue a few months ago that can be found here…

In short, Oxidation is when an oxygen molecules loses an electron, making it “unstable” or “radiant.” This is the most common form of “free-radicals” and happens naturally throughout your body thousands of times throughout the day. Your body uses free radicals as bombs to attack invaders such as viruses and bacterias.

The trouble begins when free-radical creation goes out of control due to external events such as pollution or bad diet. In that case, free-radicals begin attacking anything they come in contact with, including healthy tissues. This leads to all kinds of diseases such as cancer, auto-immune diseases and cardiovascular diseases just to name a few well-recorded examples.

Note that Oxidation is not caused by too much oxygen in the body. You want to have high levels of oxygen. It’s when the oxygen molecule changes, similar to having a healthy cell that changes into cancer cell. Nobody would say having too many healthy cells in the beginning was the problem of cancer.

Fortunately, our body has developed a fantastic tool to deal with Oxidation. It can soak up a molecule called “Antioxidant” from the food you eat. Those Antioxidant molecules donate an extra electron to the Oxygen molecule, stabilizing it. Bravo!

There are many types of vitamins that have been shown to have Antioxidant effects; for example, vitamins C and E. By far, the best source of all these Antioxidant molecules are various fruits, berries and vegetables.

My top ten Antioxidants in vegetables are (organic):

1. Kale
2. Spinach
3. Brussels sprouts
4. Alfalfa sprouts
5. Broccoli
6. Beets
7. Red bell peppers
8. Onions
9. Corn
10. Eggplant

And in Fruits and Berries we have:

1. Prunes
2. Raisins
3. Blueberries
4. Blackberries
5. Strawberries
6. Raspberries
7. Plums
8. Oranges
9. Red grapes
10. Cherries

Now it comes as no surprise that hundreds of studies have already determined that diets high in fruits and vegetables can drastically improve and even cure various diseases. And antioxidant molecules probably play a key role in this healing.

This has pushed hundreds of supplement manufactures to create “Antioxidant Supplements.” The problem is, however, that no big study has revealed any positive evidence of Antioxidant Supplements in tackling diseases. Some have even indicated them to possibly be making things worse.

This is, however, not 100% proof that Antioxidants are useless. Researchers in big supplement studies tend to use cheaper supplements that the body has trouble absorbing – as discussed in our previous article “Are Your Supplements Making You Sick.”

However, there is a way to absorb the antioxidant and other beneficial ingredients from fruits and vegetables on a big scale and benefit greatly.

It’s called juicing, and the process is simple: Buy a load of your favorite fruits, berries and vegetables, load them into your juicer (can be bought for less than $50) and drink 2-3 glasses per day.

Why not just eat the vegetables, you may ask? Definitely in addition to the juicing eat as many vegetables as you can. But it’s almost impossible to eat all the ingredients found in 2-3 glasses of vegetable juice in solid form.

I’ve personally experienced, and witnessed several friends, drastically improve and even completely cure various diseases (including arthritis, diabetes, cancer and MS) with extensive juicing.

The reason, I believe, it works better than factory made antioxidant supplements lies in the complete absorption of the vitamins and minerals in the fruits and vegetables. Somehow they have to work altogether to deliver the beneficial effects.

If you suffer from any type of developed disease, I suggest you take this a step farther and do a week or so of juice fasting. Don’t flip off this page immediately when I suggest this. It’s not nearly as scary or new-age as it sounds.

This kind of fast gives your body a time to “re-boot.” I know people who have done this for up to 60 days without problems. That is, however, too drastic for my liking. In my experience, 7-10 days is plenty to begin reversing most serious diseases.

One study, for example revealed that ALL type-2-diabetics who consumed an extremely low- calorie diet (mostly in the form of juicing) dropped their blood sugar down to normal in a week. And most of them had permanently reversed their type 2 diabetes in eight weeks.

Although Jodi Knapp’s Type 2 Diabetes Guide doesn’t require juicing, she often recommends a week of juice fasting followed by the guidance in her guide for 21 days. Results are amazing.

Christian Goodman has also told me that blood pressure can be brought down to normal in as little as 1-2 days using juice fasting. Then it can be managed and permanently cured using his simple exercises. Juicing is, however, of course not by any means needed to benefit from his Blood Pressure Program.

Arthritis is also caused by extreme inflammation and oxidization. Many of my arthritis clients have benefited greatly from loading themselves with antioxidants by adding juicing (not strictly juice fasting) to other recommendations in my Arthritis Guide.

Here at Blue Heron Health News, we’ve discussed thousands of different health studies throughout the years. We are often asked for more concrete advice on improving health. Sometimes we’re criticized for charging for our books and products (we wouldn’t pay for much website hosting if we didn’t).

So here is probably the most powerful advice I can give you: get a juicer, buy ton of the fruits and vegetables listed above and drink 2-3 glasses of juice every day. You’ll beam with antioxidant benefits. If you want to take it a step further (and your doctor says you’re healthy enough) try a week of juice fasting. You may feel horrible for a week but will remember this as the best thing you did for years to come.

And if you’re not into anything else, at least leave your comment below.

by Shelly Manning

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