This Sweet Lowers Bad Cholesterol

Recently we posted an article revealing how one type of sweet helped lower high blood pressure.

No surprise many readers were extremely happy.

Now a new study has shown how the same sweet drastically lowers bad cholesterol.

And quickly, the study proved this could be done in as little as fifteen days.

What sweet are we talking about? Chocolate, of course. And the darker, the better.

Researchers from San Diego State University measured participant’s cholesterol levels. Then they assigned half the group the tough task of eating 50 grams of dark chocolate every day and the comparison group to eat the same amount of white chocolate every day. White chocolate includes no cocoa, so researchers were really testing the effects of cocoa.

Fifteen days later the dark chocolate group had lowered their cholesterol levels quite a bit whereas the white chocolate group had not.

No surprise, researchers had no problem finding participants for this study. Everyone wants to eat chocolate for science. They did, however, have to hold the participants back a little since they tended to want to eat more than 50 grams per day. Going overboard can remove all health benefits of chocolate since it’s high in fat and calories.

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by Scott Davis

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