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Vegan Diet Boosts Mood

Adopting a vegan diet that restricts the amount of meat, fish and poultry in the diet can lift one’s mood, reports a new study published in this week’s Nutrition Journal.

The study asked a group of omnivores that ate meat to adopt a range of vegetarian diets, including a vegan diet. They discovered that vegan dieters noted a significant improvement in mood over the course of the 2-week study.

The scientists note that meat’s high level of a compound known as arachidonic acid may contribute to poor mood in meat eaters. By reducing the amount of arachidonic acid in the diet by eliminating meat and animal products, mood may improve in certain people.

This is very important when tackling chronic diseases such as arthritis, diabetes and high blood pressure since oftentimes they cause low mood, even depression.

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Note: The picture of Bill Clinton is not political statement. Clinton turned vegan few years back after suffering heart attack and looks like he’s in a good mood. Think he looks better or worse? What’s your thoughts on vegan diet? Please leave your comment below…

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