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Wearing Stockings Cures Snoring!

It is becoming more widely known that sleep apnea, snoring, and other sleep disorders are highly destructive for overall health, and the drug market is booming with the drive to ‘help’ people with their sleep problems.

However, even using a non-drug solution, such as a CPAP device can be cumbersome, uncomfortable, and expensive.

However, doctors are now prescribing a less-conventional, but more comfortable treatment alternative that is all natural, inexpensive and only has to be used during the waking hours.

And it all began with a pair of stockings.

Researchers and doctors are looking more and more to the causes behind sleep apnea and snoring.

One possibility, in addition to lack of muscle strength and oxygen flow, is excess fluid buildup in the legs during the day.

People who have issues with edema due to health conditions, poor circulation, or as a side effect of medications (like those for blood pressure) sometimes suffer from a pooling of excess fluid in the legs during the day.

The theory is that at night, once in a reclined or lying down position, the fluid makes its way into the neck, causing snoring and apnea. Stop the edema build up during the day and you could stop the sleep disturbances.

One way to do this is to wear compression hosiery during the daytime.

Wearing the stockings during the day keeps the legs from allowing fluid to pool and instead be purged through normal metabolic functions. No fluid in the daytime means no fluid going to the neck at night.

Success with the trials of the daytime stocking treatment plan has been seen already and more studies are to follow. This doesn’t work for everyone but is worth trying if you believe you have excess fluid build-up.

But there is a much easier way to stop snoring that doesn’t require wearing stockings and works for almost everyone.

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