Xooma Blast: A Powerful Natural Antioxidant

People around the world are in love with the amazing taste and health benefits of Xooma Blast. This product is unlike anything else in the marketplace today. Made with all-natural ingredients and contains no artificial sweeteners, colors or preservatives, each pack contains 1.5 servings of real whole food derived fruits and vegetables and antioxidants.  It is a healthy and delicious way for adults to drink more alkaline water. Your kids will love it too! Mix it with Xtreme X2O sachets and you’ll definitely feel great and reap maximum health benefits.

Water is essential for your health and well-being. But let me ask you: Do you drink enough water on a daily basis?

Reality check. For most people, the answer is “no.” You might think that plain water is boring. With all the available beverages out there – sodas, coffee, teas, wine – you name it. While I don’t discourage you to avoid these, I recommend that you drink enough water daily to remain healthy and prevent dehydration. I also suggest replacing a glass of soda with Xooma Blast. Just one packet flavors up to 25 ounces (750 ml) of water.

Xooma BLAST gives you an easy and enjoyable way to drink more water. Forget those sugary drinks, sodas, and flavored beverages with artificial sweeteners. Transform your water with a “blast” of flavor and antioxidants. With Xooma Blast you can have a guilt-free, great tasting, natural beverage with only 7 calories per serving.

Most children and teens don’t consume the recommended servings of fruits and veggies in their daily diet so it’s really important that they can get these through other sources. Moms and dads, you can stop worrying about your kids health. Xooma Blasthas all the taste kids crave, guaranteed to provide the right amount of nutrients they need.  This is the easiest way to get your kids consume more fruits and veggies each day.

Xooma Blast are easy to carry and comes in small drink packets. You can even slip it in a pocket, purse or backpack and you’re good to go.  For a lighter flavor, start with half of the packet in a bottle of water. If you like it stronger, continue adding more Xooma Blast to achieve your desired taste. It comes in five delicious flavors – coconut, cherry lime, orange, strawberry, and grapes. Order your Xooma Blast now at www.xoomaworldwide.com.

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