Your Mouth Causes Arthritis And ED

If you’re suffering arthritis pain the last place you’ll probably look for the root cause is your mouth, right?

Even less if you or you or your partner is experiencing erectile dysfunction, type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure or cholesterol.

What… your mouth? Ridiculous!

But there are scientific facts that back this up in addition to personal experience helping people overcome these issues applying one single free habit.

It all began when a man named Don came to see me because of a series of health problems.

You see, Don was a hard working blue collar fellow in his mid forties when he first approached me for help.

It actually wasn’t Don himself who contacted me first. He was a self-described stubborn curmudgeon, and could tough it out through anything.

It was his wife who was becoming increasingly worried about Don’s knee pains. Although Don was only slightly overweight, recent doctor visits had also revealed prediabetes as well as prehypertension. To put it simply, Don was at great risk of becoming seriously sick if he didn’t change something.

During our first session I asked series of important questions regarding the couple’s lifestyle and family history. Nothing was horribly wrong. They both enjoyed the average American diet; and in addition to a couple of beers in the evening, Don liked an occasional nip of Jack Daniels on the weekends. He also much preferred watching sports than participating in exercise.

As he put it: “I exercise all week at work, I’m not going to be running around like a dog during the weekends too.” Point well taken.

Finally, I asked rather casually about how their sex life was. That’s when the big man dropped back silent in his seat. Finally he revealed that the little friend wasn’t performing as well as few years ago. Hadn’t really had much intimacy for the last couple of years.

Since the knee problem was the main reason for his initial concern, I began suggesting several lifestyle and natural approaches I explain in my 21-Day Arthritis Plan.

Although the approaches were simple and easy to apply, Don was as stubborn as ever before. “I’m not going to go chew on some fish oil capsules” he replied and laughed.

Now that’s when I noticed his gums. Red as strawberries and swollen as balloons, a couple of teeth were already missing.

So I asked further about Don’s mouth hygiene. “I brush my teeth every day,” Don replied. “With the same toothbrush he bought in 1975,” his wife added.

There I was sure I was on to something. But little did I know exactly how important it was.

So I asked Don to do one thing and one thing only; take care of his teeth.

This included:

1) Daily, careful flossing before brushing.

2) Get a good quality electric brush and use it for two minutes, twice a day.

3) Brush the gums as well as the teeth and then spend a few seconds on the tongue.

To my surprise, Don had no problem with this. And even more surprisingly, he completely followed up on this one suggestion.

I didn’t just discover the gum/overall health connection on the spot. There is strong scientific evidence connecting gum health to pretty much all other diseases.

Since gum disease is considered an inflammatory disease, it causes inflammation all around the body and can trigger other inflammation processes such as arthritis and type 2 diabetes. Other diseases are not traditionally considered inflammatory diseases but are definitely connected to the same problem. This includes erectile dysfunction and high blood pressure.

A new study published in the Journal of Clinical Rheumatology even found that the same bacteria found in gum disease is also in arthritis patients’ knees and hips. The bacteria had broken the barriers of the mouth and emigrated throughout the body via the blood stream.

There are more hostile bacteria in the mouth than any other part of the body. This study shows that with inflamed gums, many of these bacteria can easily slip into the blood stream and travel to other parts of the body causing various diseases.

Recently, China’s Luzhou Medical College also noticed that rats with gum disease had less of the enzyme eNOS, which is essential to gaining an erection. This is only one of many studies that support the connection between gum disease and erectile dysfunction.

So based on these and numerous other studies, I knew it was essential for Don to get his gums under control.

A month later, the couple came in again. I immediately noticed how much happier and healthier Don looked.

He showed off his now pink, strong gums. “I can’t believe how much this one little thing changed”, he said. “Not only do I have more energy, I’m already feeling the difference in my knees. And you know what? The little friend is getting stronger by the day.”

Then he added “Now I’m a believer, tell me about all the other things I can do!”

Once Don was open for trying new, different lifestyle improvements it was easy for me to help him. He has now followed suggestions found in several Blue Heron Health News guides for several years.

And the results are amazing. His knee problems are completely gone. His blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol level are all within healthy levels. And what Don (and his wife) are happiest about is that the little friend is working better than it was in his twenties.

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